The old kitchen of Ifolor in Kerava dates back to 1994 and it was in need of a comprehensive renovation when Verdeco jumped into the project in Spring 2021. Besides that the general appearance was looking for a change, there was also a huge need to solve several functional problems, such as logistics of the dishes and the unpractical placing of kitchen functions which lead to traffic jams during lunch hours. We started looking for solutions to these and many other problems in late spring, when planning was kicked off with a comprehensive opinion survey.

The kitchen was designed in cooperation with the Ifolor staff who were part of the project team, in order to make sure that functional problems would be fully answered and that all options would be evaluated carefully from the users’ point of view. The renovation itself was completed in few weeks in July, when the holiday season was on. During the reno, a temporary kitchen-canteen was set up in the meeting room in the back of the canteen, which served coffee and lunch breaks throughout the renovation.

The end result was a modern kitchen which serves Ifolor staff more smoothly and makes sure that taking breaks is now more pleasant. Simultaneously with the kitchen renovation, the floor of the entire kitchen-diner area was also updated to the 2020s with Interface’s carbon-neutral vinyl tile. In addition, the old canteen chairs were found to be quite shaky and uncomfortable, so we tested several chairs to find a new suitable model. Attention was also paid to the lighting and new general and mood lighting was implemented for the premises.

Let’s hope that this kitchen will serve Ifolor for the next 30 years  🔥


Client             Ifolor Oy
Space            Kitchen & dining
Area               140 m²
Year               2021