Located in the busy center of Kamppi, Talented’s home base was looking for a quick transformation in response to the rapid growth. Besides adding more work stations, we needed to enhance the transformability of the open space in order to serve events better. Moreover, especially the conference room was lacking warmth and comfort, so focusing on the atmosphere was also essential. As a result of the re-arrangements and some small renovation, the office has now a functional layout design allowing all the needed functionalities. As you enter the office, you will also get an instant sense of a warm, comfortable and casual home-like office atmosphere, which suits perfectly for Talented’s easygoing company culture.


Client             Talented Solutions Oy
Space            Office
Area               150 m²
Year               2018
Link                talented.fi

What do Talented people think about the renewed office?

From scale 1-10, how do you like working and spending time at the renewed office considering office environment?

RESULT: 9/10

From scale 1-10, considering the functionality of the renewed office, how would you rate it?

RESULT: 8/10