The primary goal of the project was to reorganize the entire office to meet the needs of a growing UpCloud team. By adding lots of working desks and more space for meetings we were able to utilize the office to it’s maximum capacity. What‚Äôs more, the office was also looking for a little facelift, so we came up with a design concept that combines biophilic design with a touch of luxury.

As UpCloud provides superior cloud hosting services, the office needed to live up to the standards too. Thanks to the awesome input on behalf of the client in the designing process, the result is so unique, that you would probably think you just entered a nightclub when stepping into UpCloud‚Äôs office. In the Sea View Lounge, you can find a custom-made DJ table designed for a couple of music enthusiasts who love to play at the office. As the text in the corridor states ‚Äúnever become yet another‚ÄĚ, also the interior design follows the same guideline.


Client             UpCloud Oy
Space            Sea View Lounge + Kitchen
Area               75 m²
Year               2019