Vala Group keeps on growing and so does the office! When Vala Group doubled their headquarters in Helsinki from one floor to another, the old working space in the 3rd floor was transformed into a social space for relaxed working and events. The layout design consists of various seating groups from sofa corners to meeting tables, which allows different functionalities in the same space. Besides, by combining grey textures, wooden surfaces, numerous plants and bright orange colour we managed to create a vibrant look that welcomes every worker and visitor to Vala Group.


Client             Vala Group Oy
Space            Social space
Area               85 m²
Year               2018

What do Vala people think about the renewed office?

From scale 1-10, how do you like working and spending time at the renewed office considering office environment?

RESULT: 8,8/10

From scale 1-10, considering the functionality of the renewed office, how would you rate it?

RESULT: 8,3/10

What do Vala people say about the space?

“Great vibe and the office looks very comfortable and welcoming. Feels really good arriving to the office. Like a second home.”

“Alakerta on todella viihtyis√§ ja palvelee loistavasti tarkoitustaan, kuten esim. tilaisuuksien j√§rjest√§miseen, yhteisiin aamupalahetkiin ja peli-iltoihin. — Uudet sohvat ikkunan alla ovat loistoidea, ja tilan v√§rimaailma on ihanan pirte√§, mutta kuitenkin sopivan rauhallinen. Puun s√§vyt luovat erityist√§ l√§mp√∂√§ tunnelmaan. Toimistomme saa my√∂s ulkopuolisilta vierailta paljon kehuja, alakerta toimii siis hienosti my√∂s uusien ty√∂ntekij√∂iden houkuttimena!”